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  1. These are actually some very good four wheelers. I just finished reviving another one yesterday. One of the most reliable engines on any Polaris. The fact that the gearbox is off makes me think the gearbox was broken. Typically it’s not the engine that puts these in their grave, it’s that gear box. If you have free time, it’s certainly worth trying to get back to running/driving form. Good luck!
  2. Absolutely could be a cam problem. Polaris had big problems with cams wearing out in short order back then. They fixed the problem I think in 2001. But do the test I mentioned above first and report back the results.
  3. Usually it’s a batter of creating shock mount extensions. Just a couple inches and you should t have to mess with lengthening the steering stem.
  4. If it’s Mikuni, that’s a good carb and what should be on that ATV
  5. That’s lean. If you still have that China carb, don’t expect miracles.
  6. Are you kidding me? Wow what a PITA! So how can they get switched? The connector just allows any wire to go to it? What a battle!
  7. From the post I quoted it looks like the stator plate has to go on in a specific position ( otherwise your timing would be off) I’m not sure what it looks like from you perspective, did it have some indexing marks or anything? Also, are you using the stock fuel pump or do you have it directly run from the fuel tank to the carb?
  8. Here’s what Old Polaris Tech said about the cam timing. The T indicates TDC and the three hash marks you see are for checking timing with a timing light when running. anyways:
  9. I’ve definitely seen worse plugs. No chance the choke cable isn’t seated properly at the carb is there? Darker means rich but like I said I’ve seen worse. I’ve actually seen the choke cable not seated properly three times this year. So can you rev it now? And did you check voltage at battery while running?
  10. I think the Magnum has a solid rear axle. Sportsman independent. Been a while but I think that is the difference.
  11. Yeah man sounds like that stator may be wreaking havoc. Will be watching the progress. You’ll be happy when this thing is done!!
  12. That’s what I mean is it’s gotta come from somewhere in order for the path to exist. I am assuming the stator or rectifier provides it or something, I mean all four wheelers will run without a battery so they are getting it from something. Never really researched the details of from where.
  13. That may be enough (obviously) to keep it running at idle but under load it might not fly. ground is through the mount to the engine. Doesn’t matter if you have battery or not.

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