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  1. Finally got time to get back on the Ranger! I checked the ground (earth) wire back to the speedo everything is good. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. That's what I was thinking but I got 12.5 volts at the wiring harness at the hot and ground side! When I hook the ground to the diff from the frame AWD engages but wont disengage when I turn the switch off it will disengage if I have the switch off and put it in reverse. Thanks for the input this is driving me crazy!
  3. I picked up this ranger cheap because the AWD wasn't working. I checked it out and had 12.5 volts at the diff if I unhook the ground from the harness and run a straight ground from the frame it engages. What could be causing this? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hey I was thinking about buying this 400 cheap The way it's smoking I think the cylinder will need bored? can this bored or re sleeved
  5. Hey just wanted to get back with everyone on the Magnum I finally got time to work on it again this weekend I pulled the valve cover and rocker arms to find the exhaust lobe on the cam was worn all the way down replaced cam and exhaust rocker arm put back together and runs great I want to thank everybody for the input
  6. hey sorry I'm back late family problems checked valve lash everything looks good good could it be a cam problem
  7. I bought a inline spark tester and checked the quad not loosing spark I can hod my hand lightly over the carburetor and I can get it up to about a 1/4 throttle and it starts popping through the carb real bad Thanks
  8. Ive done all that I think its something with the rev limiter is there anyway to bypass this thanks
  9. I took the cover off everything is clean and dry? I disconnected the wires from the throttle lever and still the same starts right up but wont accelerate
  10. I checked the timing last night it's dead on. Any other suggestions thanks
  11. Ran find shut down the quad next day would start and idle when you try to accelerate it would start popping through the carb got a rebuild kit soaked it in chem clean after break down for 12 hours on slow vibrate reassembled and adjusted per manual still the same thing any help would be really appreciated thanks and happy ridding
  12. Got the drive clutch off yesterday the nut was a 30mm rollers and everything looks good

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