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  1. yes that is what it is doing do u no what it mite be
  2. i have allwas ben abel to start it in gear
  3. Well i start it in gear now and i can still ride it but if start it in nutrul as son as i put it in gear it dies
  4. i have a 2000 polares exspor i startes fine but when i put ie gear i dies what could it be help me
  5. need help every time i put my atv in gear to go it stops what could it be
  6. my 4x4 when i put it in gear it quits what could it be
  7. I have a 200 polaris 400 explorer. The problem I am having is that I have just rebuilt my carberator and the atv is starting and not letting me engage in forward or reverse. When I do this it stalls on me every time. Anyoe have any suggestions out there?

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