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Need Help: 2000 Polaris Explorer 400

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If there was gas in it all winter while it was sitting, then the fuel could have gelled up and clogged up the carb, take it off, take it apart completely, and clean it. However, you say that if you start it in gear, you can ride it. If it runs good when you do that, it probably isn't your carb. Maybe something electrical, is there a switch that is supposed to keep it from starting in gear? Have you always been able to start it while it was in gear, or did that start when you started having this problem?

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Maybe something electrical, is there a switch that is supposed to keep it from starting in gear? Have you always been able to start it while it was in gear, or did that start when you started having this problem?

That's what I was leaning towards, some sort of neutral safety switch problem.

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God this thread is HARD TO FOLLOW!@@!@!@@@!@

Danny,,,,Please be Clear on what is happening with your Quad...They are trying to help you and from what I am Reading it is difficult to do so when your Posts are Thoughtless....

I mean no Offence....But please take the time to Complete a Thought in ONE POST and think about the Questions you are being asked....

Thank you....

Your Evil Mod

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Pull off the clutch cover and inspect the clutch, I think the springs that keep the clutch from engaging may be worn or broken or something. It sounds like when you put it in gear, the clutch is engaging too soon and killing the motor.

I will say this just incase someone gets confused, I know it is an automatic, it has a centrifugal clutch, not a manual clutch.

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That is whay I was trying to get at before. If everything is not engaging fully the motor would die out as soon as you went from nuetral to high. If you start it in gear everything is where it should be so it runs. Right?

Like on a clutch, if you don't pull it in all the way and put it in gear you will stall it.

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Exactly, the clutch on my R doesn't like to disengage completely because the cable shaft and push rod are a little worn, and if I don't give it a little gas when I put it in gear it dies. I should have fixed it last time I had it apart, but I was impatient and didn't want to wait for new parts to be shipped. Besides it is getting better as the clutch plates wear a bit.

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u said on a different forum tha u took out the carb and cleaned it if im not confusing it with someone else... im thinking something is wrong in that carb area... i dont think a clutch trying to engage would kill ur motor... got any other info about it? any odd noises? any other info would be a lot easier for me to answer the question so i dont give u the wrong info

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