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  2. the choke system has debri in valve prbably need new valveandcable
  3. when the neutral switch don't work the atv wont start also difficult ti remove try groung netral switch
  4. all Iremember on those king quad 300 was the revers drive bearing can start siezing
  5. the input shaft to rear diff is stripped where yhe rubberboot is
  6. front diff actator bad Ive replace 2 in a week already
  7. Ican get on suzukis service tech web site but they canbut there publishing starts at 2000 on servicrepro
  8. choke may be stuck open or thrttle cable sticking
  9. do you see the white lines in the middle of the magnet sign of bad adherement at 8ac volt you have a seriuos promem you should have about 20acv at idle and over 50 acv when rpm are incleased are you check output with stator wires disconnected check to see if stator is shorting to ground may have pinch wire in backside of stator if still have problem you need to seek a real machanic
  10. have you check the fly wheel the old style fly wheel has glued on magnet and they get loose it works at low rpm but at high rpm the magnets don't turn this is a common brolem for suzuki atv and motorcyles that use glue on magnet
  11. artic cat has alot of problems with there displays pin point issue by replacing display with known good one this will allow you to tell if its a wiring problem or a switch power issue aiticat had issues with wiring i just remember having a problem like that from a new unit turned out to be temp sensor wire shorting to ground as i was replacing harness
  12. motion pro makes aftermarket cables for all brands
  13. there are 3 basic principles for diognostic spark/fue/compression you have ther first 2 now check compression and leak down that will tell you if the piston is too small for cylinder/need boring or valve train has a problem the reading can also signify timing issues
  14. if battery check okay check ignition and or lightint fuse the rear brake light switch has a tendency to short out the fuses from poor design popping fuse killing ignition and dash if it is replace fuse and disconnect rear brake light switch
  15. th e fi light will always go on when the engine is not running or stall with that kind of mileage and with a snorkel kit i would consider the condition of the motor if you found debri in your intake then shouldn't it have gotten in to your motor fuel injection is very simple if you under stand it check compression and leak down readings check valve adjust ment also check if choke valve system is siezed/stuck

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