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  1. The diagram is right...I found where the wire goes ! Thanks for taking the time to help me Frank... I really appreciate it
  2. Is the controller the same as the circuit board thing ? Where all the wires get plugged into ?
  3. Yes the red button is for the awd..the red and white wires are coming from the throddle body and they run to the circuit board under the black cover under the head light..
  4. Sure. I'm at work now but I'll post a pic when I get home..thanks
  5. whats up fellas....the white wire going from the throttle body came unplugged from the circuit board and im not sure where it plugs back in to ? i see where the red wire goes but im not sure where the white wire goes...im not even sure what those wires do..any help would be appreciated..thanks. 1996 polaris sportsman 500 4x4 push button awd.

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