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  1. Yeah I'm about to dive back in to it. Kinda lost my motivation with it for a bit. Lol
  2. Nothing is damp. The bike is inside my shop which used to be a guest house. It stays dry. I have jiggled all the wires while hoping on one foot while working upon a star and haven't had any luck. I cleaned the pig tails and every connector,check continuity, grounds are good. I put a little dielectric grease After drying everything with 90 percent alcohol.
  3. Just an update... I have my compression back suddenly. Don't know how as i haven't touched the bike in over a week?!? Oh well lol. Now though i have no spark. What are the notorious things on these bayous that fail?
  4. @Frank Angerano @spock58 thanks for the help so far. Ive double checked timing and valve lash several times and both are spot on. I will check out the decompression valve later today. I have a feeling that's what it is. Everything else seems to be fine. Valves are surprisingly clean for it's age. I'll let y'all know what i find out in a bit
  5. Yes starting it has been a big issue. Before it quit this time i would have to cover the carb with my hand to start it. Would run pretty good after it warmed up. Now it won't even try. How exactly does the compression valve work on these? I know on riding mowers it works off the camshaft. Is it possible it's just hanging open a bit and that's where my compression is going?
  6. To me the cam gear looks fine. They DO NOT make a sharp point. I know on motorcycles and heavy equipment for sure that's a good way to tell. The chain and tensioner appear and feel tight. No excess slack in anything inside the engine. The bike was on a ranch for the last twenty something years almost 30. I'm sure it is gone through many many pairs of hands I'm starting to think that maybe the low compression issue caused the people to check the timing and tried to set it and got it wrong
  7. I've tried that about 20 times the last week. Blowing every port in the carb. Each time i run my nozzle cleaners through after soaking in carb dip. I'm starting to think it's bad rings. It sat up 5 years i know of. The oil all over the motor was close to an inch or more thick. Every seal on it leaks. Plus the oil was very gassy. Very thin. Muy customer tried to get it going before he brought it. I'm sure he didn't oil cylinder or anything before bringing it to me. He tried starting it with 5 year old gas and he was starting his truck to jump it off. I'm surprised it didn't burn up the cdi. No telling what what else he done to it.
  8. Ok I'll try them out. I set the float according to specs. I'm wanting to get me one of those ultra sonic cleaners or whatever they're called And i checking compression at no throttle and also WOT. Wot was 90. Don't remember nt. How could it drop 25 psi in s matter off minutes? Itty say up a while so I changed the oil. Before cranking on it i oiled the piston chamber and slowly hand returned the motor
  9. Yes I have to no avail I think I've tried literally everything that's ever been posted online or in any kind of books or anywhere
  10. Yes and it seems to be good. Got it to run a little bit yesterday and was adjusting the carb and it died. Now it won't do anything but crank. Getting fuel,spark,air but my compression went from 115 down to around 90. What gives?!?
  11. Yes Had my friend bring over his oscilloscope to triple check everything. Nothing!
  12. I've checked and rechecked for spark by a spark tester and by removing plug and grounding it out to the motor and frame etc... I've adjusted valves,re-timed it,replace all ignition related parts. They were under warranty and at request of customer. Those make the 4th time they've been replaced. Cdi,stator,regulator/rectifier,coils,wiring harness,relays,hell i even changed out the damn light bulbs. You never know lol. Yamahas head tech flew here and couldn't get it right either after 4 days of turning wrenches.
  13. Have a 08 raptor brought to me a couple months ago. Got it on a trade for house remodel. Bike has around 30 hours. No that's not a typo thirty verifiable hours. The main Yamaha tech has put hands on this bike. Always Been reallyhard to start. If it does it runs really good. That's the kicker...IF! It started out intermittent now it's no spark at all. Everything ignition related is brand new. It all checks out good but still won't do it. Please help

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