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  1. Hello everyone, Picked me up a 2019 Polaris Sportsman 850 recently and lovin it! I come from a 2 wheel motorsports background, but as I stated in another forum, even as I age gracefully, my body doesnt recover as quickly from soreness/pain nowadays. So far I am having fun with my new found hobby. UTVs are ok imho for recreational fun, but the financial investment is just not quantifiable in my book and the physical/mental challenge a UTV provides is about as exhilarating as driving to the grocery store, unless you are racing of course. SO here I am, riding trails and still havin fun!
  2. Any current Northern AZ folks out there on this forum? Im up in Flagstaff. Any organized rides anyone knows of?
  3. FWIW, I have a 2019 Sportsman 850 SP and break-in is 25hrs or two full tanks of gas according to owners manual. First service interval is 25hrs regardless. I have 110 miles and two tanks burned, but still have about 10hrs left before service interval. So my break in is done, but my service interval is not due yet.
  4. I have a silicone ring that I swap out for the real deal when doing any outdoors activities, working in the garage, etc. Have had a couple close calls with ring avulsion in the past and I like all of my fingers, so silicone rings it is for me.
  5. FNG here, got into quads after riding 2 wheeled motor driven vehicles since child hood. As I age gracefully, I am realizing that injuries dont heal up as quickly as they used to. Intro 4 wheeled off road machines. UTVs are too expensive and dont make financial sense to me (I have a 4wd truck that I use for off roading also). ATVs are much closer to dirt bikes than a UTV, can be just as challenging to ride as a dirt bike, and I am finding out they are ALMOST as fun as a dirt bike🙂.... Looking forward to many years on an ATV 😎

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