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  1. Quite different than the 1-3 inches of snow we are supposed to get here tonight!
  2. Thanks for the tip. I will make sure to do the engine oil at 50 hours (or sooner) and maybe hold off on the others
  3. Does anyone know of a tall windshield option for a 2017 Sportsman 850? I was looking at the Polaris one (need to buy the fairing and the windshield separate) but I was curious if anyone has tried any aftermarket and liked them?
  4. I have a 2017 Sportsman 850 - would this be the one I would need?
  5. Ok I will check the oil and make sure it looks good. You think the same is true with the front diff, rear diff and tranny fluid? Ok to wait until 50 hours?
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to learning a lot!
  7. I picked up a 2017 Polaris Sportsman 850. The previous owner rarely rode it and it only had 53 miles on it (10 hours). I believe the Polaris break in period is something like 250 miles / 50 hours or something like that at which point they suggest doing the first oil and fluid change. My question is should I do it sooner than that? I believe this was manufactured in fall of 2016 so that means the fluids in there are 3 years old. Maybe that isnt a big deal and it is still fine to wait until 50 hours, but just wanted to check
  8. I really like the size and look for the Hays Fab Micro Light Bars (probably leaning towards 10" one). Was curious if anyone here has used them and how they hold up. Any moisture problems getting inside? How is the light output?
  9. New member here. Always have had Polaris ATVs and just got a 2017 Sportsman 850. Looking forward to learning lots of new stuff here Also have the Polaris Glacier Pro plow package. My old ATV had the Kimpex Click N Go and it was brutal... didnt like it or the design at all

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