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  1. LOL my husband is the same way...if he crashes its funny if I crash he gets mad....what gives?
  2. Haha, not while I eat, while I eat shit...LOL I need one for when I crash!
  3. It looked like it might rain here this morning, but it looks like its really nice out now! thank goodness its been yucky all week!
  4. Good call, i might try that first before i go switching the whole thing out! I bought a cheap little adapter thats supposed to be universal and it just screws on, but it didnt fit, so ill have to try again!
  5. Yeah we are supposed to maybe I could put in a request for mine to cover the price of my dream quad lol. Or I could just sell everything I own?!? Haha yeah usually control issues cause mixed feelings among everyone! How much did you pay for your Cam? I need one! I would love to watch myself, especially when I eat it!
  6. Yep, 19, 500! Woo, wish i had that laying around...LOL Total Quadgasm going on! Nice, gotta love how women train those men haha!
  7. I really need to change my oil too, I was actually going to do it tonight! Aww, that is adorable, I love Pugs they are so cute! Me, im just building my dream quad on the yamaha website over and over and over. LOL
  8. Hey friends.. I am bored outta my gored wed is our slow day at work. Whats going on with everyone?
  9. Somehow I always manage to get hit in places where it really hurts lol! And they do leave the worst bruises!
  10. I like to play! I dont own any guns or anything anymore, I did when I was younger.
  11. Those are some really good ideas, ill have to try the WD40 thing...I just clean for a long time with a pressure washer.
  12. Yeah I wasnt looking forward to hitting a tree thats why I bailed LOL
  13. Last week I was riding the banschee, there was a really long straight leg and then all the sudden there was a turn,wll I happened to hit the power band at the same time. It was sort of like on bowl on both sides, well instead of turning i launched it, and on the other side were a bunch of small trees, well I got scared and jumped off and let the quad go I didnt want to hit a tree....I landed Flat on back in the middle of the trail....I was hurting for about a week but nothing serious!
  14. Your totally right and thats why I want to do it, to make it more comfortable for me!

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