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  1. Hello all Ok here is the deal I would like some help with picks for new atvs for me and my wife. Here is what I'm looking at. First me. I'm in my 40s and I'm 6'1" I weigh in at 220. I'm looking for a 4WD atv. I use to ride a 300 Bayou 2WD that I liked. I'm will be riding trails and using it for deer hunting mostly. I may also want to take it in the mud some. I prefer to change my own gears but may also be open to an auto. I have been out looking some and think I may go with a Yamaha Big Bear 400 or Grizzly 450. Doe you all think these would be good picks and wonder how they stack up with each other? Here is what I think is most important to me. 1. reliability 2.low end power and the ability to get throu some rough stuff. 3 comfort. Ok now for the wife we are thinking the Grizzly 350 auto 2WD. She will mostly be with me on old log rodes and trails nothing rough at all. What is important to her is 1. it must be auto. 2.reliability 3.easy to ride and control and comfort. Yea I guess we are looking for old gezzer type rides:laugh: One other thing when did 4 wheels get so big? Back when I had the 300 a 400 was big and any thing bigger was just too much. Thanks so much for the help and sorry about this being kind of long. Cruzin_papa
  2. Hello all Looking to get into atv riding so please excuse the newbe questions.

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