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  1. Glad to hear of your success. I'm waiting on my valve to arrive today to see if mine will start once I put it all back together.
  2. I will do some looking on mine today and try to let youblnownhow the wire run.
  3. Anyone ever replaced the shifter shaft on one? Not sure on the year but assuming it is in the late 90's. Is it a huge task, splitting the case etc... thinking about buying it as my next project. Thanks
  4. I believe the black and yellow goes to the ignition coil and splits off to lights. I had issues with no fire and was able to trace the diagram to find that the green and white wire from the cdi to the ignition coil had no voltage. Good luck, hope any of that helps. One more note. Black and yellow also goes to the CDI box and looks like it is a ground.
  5. I believe you are right that the black and yellow wire should go to that plug. Not sure if the splice is factory or not, mine doesn't have a splice but it is a 2000 Bayou 220. Here is a pic of my plug.
  6. They are moving freely. Could they have broken loose when removing the cylinder?
  7. Thanks guys. Here are some pictures of the piston and rod.
  8. What signs would I look for on burning oil? I bought it not running and the guy said he didn't know anything about it. I wanted a challenge and it was a good one to start with. Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks for the response. That will be my next step.
  10. Ok, another newbie post here. Checking this stuff out in issues with lost compression. Wondering if anyone can tell by the pics and video of the cam is good, and whether you can see anything visibly with the valves and timing gear. Any input would be a great help. Been researching youtube videos, but just not sure. 2000 Bayou 220 Valves I could test the exhaust, it looked like it was opening, closing and seating ok, but not sure about the intake. Gear CAM - looks like some wear on the outer ridges on both in spots, and one lobe to me looks kind of weird, but I don't know. Thanks
  11. Well this is my first time tearing down an ATV. Have done a little work on 2 stroke's in the past, but not much. I'm needing some help. I've got a Bayou that has lost compression. I tested it, and it was like at 40psi. I had already set the timing on it, and it does have spark fuel, etc... My question is about the cylinder. To me it looks pretty toasted, but need some help in determining. It is a 2000 Kawasaki Bayou 220. I bought it not running, just to see if I can get it running so it has not ran since I bought it. This question is about the cylinder, and part 2 I have will be about the CAM. Any advice / help is greatly appreciated. Inside sleeve a line(left line) runs the length that I can feel with my fingernail. The line on the right I can't feel. Some rust it looks like on these two pictures. Thanks!

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