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  1. Love those rims they will look pretty covered in mud!
  2. Think its time to make a direct voltage adapter so I can check coil etc properly. Took an led, stuck in output from pickup coil and when turning engine over, the led pulsed in time. So kill switch and coil working. Hooked to output from cdi and led lit up and stayed lit. That doesn't sound right. But started raining so not sure if I had plugged the coil back in. Can't wait for a slab of concrete and a roof!
  3. Well, worth a try if I dont mind sleeping with the fishes- better half is a bit protective of her new stove! Wonder if you could rig an led light to flash when the cdi gets triggered? I sure do miss points at times, working on stuff smarter than me is a pain! Thanks, will try the idea this weekend
  4. Ready to pull my last hairs out! Please help b4 I end up looking like I am in basic again, I dont look good bald! No spark. Replaced cdi, tests good. Replaced coil also tests good. Appear to have power to cdi from pickup coil best I can tell with a normal multimeter. Appears to have power to coil from cdi. New plug WHAT AM I MISSING? Please? On the good side should have a small cramped space to work next week!
  5. Well took a look at the starter switch wiring while the better half was milking and what do I see? Battery side of solenoid was never connected!
  6. According to the manual for the lakota, you can check resistance between the wires and it should fall in specified ranges. In my case, when I checked several of the wires showed open circuit, ie broken connections where they should be resistance. I took that to be bad! Lol But there are several you tube videos showing how to test all of these but all seem to say it can pass but still be bad. Like I said. I know very little on these quads, so its possible I messed up big time! But its 14-17 on the Lakota service manual where I got my info if that helps
  7. Okay, well threw in a temp patch on the wiring, now have neutral light and power to the front and rear lights if they had bulbs in them. Still no spark, but the handlebar switch looks really bad so will check the kill switch next and change spark plug as well. Tested pickup coil on multimeter and showed okay so hope that's good. Have not tried yet to see if I am getting a pulse from it though. If anyone has ideas feel free since I have no clue what I am doing! Lol
  8. Pulled the plastic off and who ever worked on this bike b4 me needs his man card pulled, and a warning label tattooed on his face not to touch tools! Literally baling wire and 10 to 20 lock washers and regular washers on each too small bolt but waaaaaayyyyyy too long! Now onward and upward I hope! Fuse blown, handlebar switch bypassed (not by me) and I hate wiring along with work and wrenching but that's another subject!
  9. Well tested the cdi and it was dead dead dead, as well as the ignition coil. Now to test the stator and pickup coil. Need to pull the plastic off for easier access. I really truly hate working in grass and mud!
  10. She just needs a facelift and a new outfit for the ball is all! Well, the cdi didn't even bother to test! Can you say burning down the cdi? New one coming later this week, hope to check the coil b4 then.
  11. Sounds like a good start list, but don't think charging the battery will help, its on the toasted side of life! Now to figure out how to get this pos to where I can work on it! Wish me luck
  12. Okay have an old lakota, died while riding several years back ( early 1500s or so!). Just trying to revive the dead again, recoil starter seems dead. Hooked a car battery up half arsed and it did turn over although sloooowwwwwwllllllllyyyyyyyy! When it died thought there was no spark. So any ideas on best steps to try and start finding the problems? Put some penetrating oil in cylinder to help loosen it up.
  13. Sigh, i really hate reading posts like this! Being laid off has turned into more work than I can do. But hope to start on my 220 in a week, meantime just reading and learning. As an aside, did you find a seat reasonable while you were looking or any ideas where to find one? I was told this ones seat went flying off the trailer, and so far they seem slightly overpriced! Good luck. Sounds like your making great progress!

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