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  1. Has anyone put a silencer can or muffler on there brute force? Ive got an 05 750 that I would like to make run as quiet as possible, just wasnt sure who made one or if they hurt performance or not.
  2. Ok guys Ive got a few more for ya. TIRES: Ive thought about getting new rubber for the wheeler it has some half worn down 25" Kenda executioners on it and Id like to get something that maybe rides a little better and does as good or better in the mud if thats an option. Any tire model suggestions? Also I would like to go to a 27" or mayb e even a 28" are there any disadvantages to doing this would I have to change anything on the wheeler to make up for the larger tires? Ive had a couple people tell me that they would be hard on the clutch. WHEELS: Ive seen some really nice looking aluminums but not sure they are tough enough to handle trail riding...Are they??? If so what would you reccommend, id like a little off set to give it a slightly wider stance and better stability but a buddy has a set of ITP wheels and the rear is offset a lot compared to the frnt and it looks great but hes constantly getting the back wheels hung up on trails SNORKEL: I see that the airbox on the brute is where a normal wheelers gas cap would be, so that being said am I good to go with water as long as it doesnt go over that point os is it not sealed up to the box? Also how about the belt and it staying dry, do I need to do anything to ensure that it doesnt get soaked and leave me stranded. Oh by the way I love this thing the more I ride it the more Im glad I went with the powerhouse, Ive run with a couple polaris 500s 700s a grizzly 660, and 700 and a couple rincon 680s that were built and they cant touch my stock 750, although she likes her gas thats for sure i got about 50miles and Im needing a refill
  3. Lean??? Really? I thought it smelled like it was running rich. The previous owner says that it was all stock and never modded or adjusted, would it require different jets or is it something that can be fixed with a couple turns of a screw on the carb?
  4. Ok so I bought the 05 brute force and after putting about 60miles on it I have some concerns. The engine seems to run REALLY HOT, like almost burnning my legs through my jeans hot but no warning light comes on and it doesnt seem to "act" hot is this normal, does it have any saftey feature to prevent over heating or heat damage? It also seems to have a slight miss, or hesitation? When you slightly crack the throttle open and hold it at a steady RPM to give it a slightly higher idle it will run smooth for a couple seconds then miss and sometimes backfires. It also seems to sometimes have a hesitation if you jump on the throttle, what could cause this? Also a couple times when shifting from reverse to high it sounded like it got hung up in between and there was a slight squeal as if maybe the belt was slipping and there was also a slight burning plastic of rubber smell. The belt IS new and it doesnt feel as if it is slipping when accelerating and the belt light hasnt come on. Anyone have any suggestions? It does seem to run really well and HARD accept for the slight hesitation or cough and the occasional backfire, I ran it up to 69MPH with both me and a buddy of mine on it, combined weight of almost 500lbs
  5. No its not a DS650, its a 4wheel drive model its listed as a quest650 xt
  6. What does everyone think of the bombardier quest 650? Ive found one on craigslist for $2000, with 4100miles but it doesnt say what yr it is. I know nothing about the model and would like to know how it would compare to the 05 brute force 750 that im also looking at. Are there any major pros or cons for either
  7. I guess I was just wondering if that particular model had any bugs that were common specially since it was the 1st yr for the 750, just seems like anytime a company comes out with something new theres always problems the 1st year its out. Or any pros and cons as far as power, handeling, dependability, and so on
  8. Hes not really a friend just a co-worker I saw it posted on the message board in our breakroom. He said he just doesnt ride it so he want to get it out of the garage, but Ive heard from other people here that hes kind of shady, but I honestly dont know a thing about him myself
  9. Im thinking of buying a 2005 brute force 750 from a co-worker but I dont know if I trust him 100% when he says theres nothing wrong with it he seems like he might be a little shady. Are there any common problems with this machine or anything I should look for, its only got about 1500miles. Is this a good model and year??? Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated as far as pros and cons. Also what would a fair price be for this machine in good condition

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