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  1. kingkool....Just have to do few changes..thx a ton
  2. Hi Dudes I am planing to provide ATV rides in my resort. I know that the riders need to sign a document for before the ride. any 1 can help me with a detail of such document or a link. thx a ton in advance. Sanjay
  3. i tried to attch dude..its not accepting but I could load picture for albums as i can see it here.
  4. i wanted to load many pictures..but the site isnt accepting..
  5. On 14th August our concept of TERT ( Tourist Emergency Response Team ) was lunched on Puri Sea beach by SP sri Soumendra priyadarshi. Rangers AF introduced the use and application of ATV ( all terrian vehicle ) specially imported from Taiwan. Several police officers experimented and drove around the sandy beaches with a lots of enthusiasm and thrill. The joint effort will responce to Rescue and search operation around Puri and Konark on demand,It will be supported by tourist Police and operators of RAF. It is to be noted that Puri Police alongwith RAF has outsmarted all in safety scenario in beach policing and they are the 1st to do it.
  6. thx dude. what is tire balls? cheers. sanjay
  7. Hi friends. Am a newbe here. I bought a 300 CC ATV today. Am excited to cover 480 Kms of eastern coast of India in Jan 2010. may be I will extend the distance phase by phase. am looking for experts advise on long drives. miles of smiles Sanjay Rangers adventure foundation. Puri.orissa.India

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