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  2. I figured out the bottom one. It's for the warn winch. Still puzzled by the top pic. Lol
  3. Hi. I don't know much about quads. Got one free but no spark. Checked the wiring harness, stator wires(3 white) are .04 ohms and the pickup wires registered a 512 ohms. Just wanted to see if they within specs.
  4. Thanks for the info. I went to check and got a reading of 512. Is this good or bad?
  5. Hi from Canoe narrows SK. New here and looking for help to get a 2009 Yamaha Kodiak 450 going. It was free just not running. Taking it apart and getting to know what it takes to get it running. Getting close to hunting season.
  6. This is my view. Can't wait to get the quad going. Go exploring
  7. Hi. I read somewhere about a replacement or modified CDI. Has anyone tried out these Japanese CDI boxes and where do they get them?
  8. Well I went through the comments. Hardly anything on the 450. Learned a lot. Wish I had more specs to check over.
  9. Thanks. I tested them and got .4 on each wire of the stator. What about the other wires?
  10. Anyone know what the ohm values are on all the wires that come out of the stator cover.
  11. Hi new to this. I was given a 09 Yamaha Kodiak 450. Model yfm45fay. There are several pieces missing body wise. What years are the same to look for used parts. Thanks Larry
  12. Hi. New to everything about quads. Should be fun
  13. Hi. I was given a 09 Yamaha Kodiak 450. Broken down not running. Never fixed one in my life. So far I have watched a lot of videos. Trying to get specs to test everything I can. Can't wait to cruise.
  14. Hi I am also new to the group. I also got a free quad. Mine is a 09 Yamaha Kodiak 450. Doesn't run. Previous owner took it to several people with no luck. First quad but now try figure out how to get it going. Should be fun and expensive. Larry

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