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  1. I have never raced, but I do ride my quad at our local motocross track. It's only 3 miles from my house!
  2. LOL!!! Yup.. they always want more speed!!! Once we got my son a mini 50 my husband worked with him alot so he would understand how to stop and everything. It's good to start them young!! Now we have a mini track in our backyard and a full motocross track down the street from us...
  3. It is! A little stressful and expensive.. but fun! That's what we started out my son on. He got a power wheels quad when he turned one and got a mini 50 when he turned 2.. He's been riding pretty much since he was 2 months old. We had a little back pack for him and he would go on rides with us..
  4. Yup, that's my son.. He's 6.... Then the second page, those are of my husband..
  5. Yeah.. it's alot of fun and he lets me work on bikes.. well.. at least he lets me help... Yup.. it's www.goldenmotorsports.net It's a work in progress!
  6. I have a job. I am a Software Developer and Data Analyst. I would love to work full time with him at the shop, but for now I just work there on Friday's and Saturday's and when I am on vacation...
  7. It's alot of fun and alot of work!! The best part is the deals he can get on parts/accessories and gear!!!
  8. My husband used to have Troy Lee too, but now him and my son both wear Thor. They have nice gear.. just like the girl stuff Troy Lee has....
  9. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Hollie. I currently ride an 06 Honda 450R and absolutly love it!! I started out on a Honda 300 ex, then moved to my husband's old race bike, a 400ex, boared out to a 440 and now I have my 450R. I love riding every chance I get. We mostly ride at the Dunes in CA and at the Cinders in AZ. It's nice to see woman riders!!!
  10. I am a huge Troy Lee fan! I own Fox and No Fear riding pants, jerseys and gloves. My boots are Alpine Stars.. love them! I used to have Oneil and they just don't compare to my Alpine Stars!!! I am in the market for a new helmet, but for now I have an Oneil helmet.
  11. My husband has his own Quad/Dirt bike shop. I love helping out! I recently put a stage 2 Cam in my bike and I always change my own oil.... mostly easy stuff, but it's so much fun helping him work on bikes!

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