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  1. You're right...that's good advice. Actually no I've never fallen off a quad or wrecked..I don't even have one.
  2. ... OK, so Dad wants me to get my permit. :no: I don't want to at all. To be honest, I'm afraid of cars. I tried driving once and just about took the car over the side of the hill and into the creek. Besides, we've got an old scrap of metal for a car and I WILL NOT drive that thing .. So what do I do? Dad wants me to be able to drive so that I can drive a car when we get ready to move... anyone been in my shoes before and willing to offer advice?? NOTE: Dad will not take "I don't want to" for an answer.
  3. Do any of you do motocross? It's my dream to do that and quadcross. Just wondered if any of you do that sort of stuff.
  4. Mywifeknowseverything, I thought this was a woman's only forum. Are you sure you're supposed to be over here?
  5. I've only ridden with three different men. It was AWESOME and I couldn't get enough, you know. Just wanted to ride more. I know several ladies who ride. Even the boyfriends/girlfriends ride, so when they're married, the husbands will be able to say, "My wife rides."
  6. Welcome, Hollie! It's good to have some more women riders!
  7. Cool! Oh, BTW, Dad's looking at a beginners' ATV for my sisters, brothers and me. He wants us to start on a 90cc. Then, as we get jobs, we can pay for our own ATVs...we have to share the first one.
  8. I've never gone mudding on a fourwheeler, but I have on my bike. It's AWESOME!!! The dirtier, the better! And several girls that go to the church just up the road from us hate us just because we're tomboys. Do I care? NO! And I think they're a bunch of sissies. But I love getting MUDDY! And WET!
  9. +1. That was about as good as I could write it!
  10. I can't get it, but it must be pretty cool by the way ya'll are talking....

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