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  2. Ive got exhaust,jet kit,high compression pistons,engine is rebulit, it had $1500 worth of upgrades on it when I bought it
  3. i got an '05 660 Raptor and was wondering what I can do to give it more power and speed?
  4. RaptorChick

    Looks like fun!!!
  5. Hey guys I love to get muddy when I go out biking and my friends do to. but I have met some guys who dont like to get muddy just wondering if anyone else likes to get muddy to when they go riding
  6. I am about the same height as you. my brother had a Honda XL350 that he let me drive and I found that it wasn't to big for me and my feet could touch the ground. hope this helps:)
  7. I just got some handguards for my raptor. after I put them on I cant use the parking brake. Is it supposed to be like this or did I put them on wrong.
  8. LMAO that was hilarious. I got my friend to read it to and she thought it was funny too. good job!!
  9. I have an HJC helmet and love it. I have mechanics gloves and don't really like them to much so i'm gonna get new gloves. I don't have any gear( Boots, pants, etc) yet, just because I dont have enough money:( lol. There's not very many girls on the she rides forum, is there

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