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  1. Hello, I think I have the same problem JamesD wrote about. Quad starts, runs then just dies, not a fuel issue. not coil, etc. Believe it to be the Cdi box(Ignitor part no. 21119) This problem began as an occasional fault and grew till if you put the quad in gear it dies. Any input?
  2. I have a late 90's Bayou 300 I use for hunting rig here in Bavaria Germany(I am stationed at the US base here). It starts and runs fine(great in fact), I can take off ride for 10,20,30 minutes, then it will just die(time is not the factor). It will restart fine, run for a second and die again, and again, then it will be fine for 10 or 20 or 30 minutes. Temperture not the issue, warm weather or cold doesnt matter. elevation not the issue, hills or flat not the issue. I removed tank, completely cleaned(yes some dirt in bottom. replace inline filter, carb seems good. It still feels like it is starving for gas when this happens, not an ignition issue. Do I need to pull tank again? pull carb and clean again? Thanks, Jack in Grafenwohr Germany

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