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  1. Well I figured it out.... Ended up pulling wire by wire until the problem cleared. When looking at the front of the wiring panel... it was the bottom left Black Wire... I believe it was an issue somehow with my override button grounding out when not depressed. Now I have full speed in reverse without using the override.... and no issues with any other features. Tom
  2. Anyone, I have a 1995 Polaris 400L Xplorer that dies everytime I put it in any forward gear. That is unless I push the overide button. Then it acts like Reverse does when your not pushing the overide button. When you put it in reverse it runs like it should but still only runs like the overide button is not pushed. When you push it there is no change.... So in short. When going forward I have to push the overide button to get the atv to move When going in reverse i'm unable to utilize the overide button to exceed normal operation. When in nuatral I have to push the overide button to achieve smooth idle or it dies. When in any forward gear I have to do the same for smooth idle. When in Reverse the atv will idle smooth without the button pushed. I hope I haven't confused anyone but this is really starting to get under my skin! Thanks, Tom

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