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  1. I have run carb cleaner and stuff through it i have not tried the plug yet...i will try that, i dont wana work to hard on taking the motor down if i dont have to, the guy i got it from said it run in the summer so the hotter plug would make sense. Thanks ill let ya know what comes out of it
  2. i was afraid it may be the timing...ill check it out though...thanks alot
  3. Hey guys, Im new to the ATV world just got an 86 kawasaki bayou 300 2 wheel drive the guy said it prolly needed a carb kit, said he rode it in the summer and started fine but winter its cold blooded and doesnt start very well. So i tore down the carb, put a kit in it, cleaned it out real good put a piece of wire through every whole to make sure nothing was clogged, put it back on and its doin the same thing, itll pop over once in a while but nothing to keep it running. Its got good spark and seems to have decent compression, not sure what the compression is but its there. Help Please

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