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  1. Yeah I checked the battery and connection and it's all good but I feel just the start of the fan pulls to many amps and makes the spark weak and it dies (compression blows out the spark type thing) Has anyone put a programmer on theirs and did that get rid of the issue?
  2. Does anyone know ways to regulate the speed etc other then the throttle screw? I have turn it almost all the way and it won't move on hills but keeps getting faster on flat gravel roads. I have a Chinese quad that's bigger but is a 3 gear so I just put it in first and let my kids go nuts cuz it might rattle it self to S... but it only goes so fast
  3. Hey I have a 07 king 700 is there any chips or good things to do to my quad?
  4. Hey I have a 07 king 700 there's lots of times that the quad will stall when the fan turns on also have to bump motor 2 or 3 times before starting to start it (makes fuel pump go on 2/3 times) anyone having or had this issue?
  5. Easy way to see if it's a ground take a jumper cable from neg post to a spot on the quad if it starts. Start with testing main wire (if there's more then one)

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