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  2. Mallory PROSIDEWINDER COIL WIRE KIT - JCWhitney With those spark plug cables fit my polaris? I figured out why my xplorer wasnt starting... It was because the spark plug cable is missing. Thanks for the help
  3. My cousin has had this 4wheeler since i posted this and he has been on vacation and he just got back today and i ran over to his house before my meeting at the fire Dept. and i was just looking at it and there was a leaf in the tank and the air filter is missing. Im gonna buy a new filter and clean the tank tomorrow. I dont think im gonna clean the carb because i cant get to it. im hoping it will run after i try those few things!
  4. I am kinda new to the ATV world. My grandpaw gave me a 2000 polaris xplorer 250 4x4 2 stroke. He told me i needed to change the oil.. What oil is best to put in it?
  5. I have a 2000 polaris xplorer 250cc 2 stroke 4x4 it wont start. The plug fires and it sounds like its going to run but wont ever start. also the battery is dead so i have to use the pull start. Someone told me to clean the carb and replace it maybe but i dont wanna waste the money on it and it not work..... is it worth messing with the carb?? What other things could i try? . The atv has sat since summer. my granddad just gave it to me yesterday and i really wanna get it fixed. Thanks.

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