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  2. yeah the same thing happens to mine sometimes but when it dose i take my knife or a wrench and tap on it or wiggle the wires then it usually fires up hope it helps let me know if it dose
  3. i had the same problem on my Kawasaki I fixed it by adjusting a air mixture screw on the underside of the carburetor.if that dont work it might be your timing might be off. good luck
  4. I am having what I think is ignition problems. My 1990 Bayou 300 seems to flood very easy when starting. At first I thought it was a carb problem but while testing the spark I noticed that there is no spark while the engine is turning over. When you let off of the ignition switch there is one spark. But only when you let off of the ignition switch. It has a new coil, plug wire, and plug. Any ideas? I don't know if it is the ignition box, or maybe the ignition switch. Any help would be appreciated

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