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  1. Is it possible to put a motor from a big bear 350 into a timberwolf? Reason I ask is that I have a timberwolf with a bit of a rod knock, and I have big bear with a bad rear end and axle with a good motor. So, is it possible?
  2. Thanks man, I will, and it's actually a timberwolf. Same bike though really.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys and girl. Of course I love turds. Nah, that's my name on all the other forums and it's for this
  4. New here from FL, have been riding 4wheelers for awhile now. I have a 97 Yamaha Timberwolf that I redid, and did some stuff to it. I also have a Big Bear 350 that I just bought. It's 2wd, hi and low range. Got it for a $100, it runs but needs some work. Anyway, just figured I'd say hey.

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