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  1. FYI was posting from cell phone couldn't get all the info on there like i wanted. we were riding and doing some checking today and found that the 4 wheeler has been wrecked badly found frame welds etc. also found that the wiring has been tested everywhere puncture holes so i kinda tells me that it's been in a shop somewhere wish my boys would have checked it over better before they bought it. was doing some checking earlier about voltages I'm not sure that 11.41 voltage at idle is enough, to maintain battery with the fan running to cool down it go's up to 12.4 at some inter-volts at higher RPM's . if anyone has a wiring chart for this bike that would be a + at least i would know if everything wired correctly.
  2. it's a 2004 , and the battery is new which don't mean much i, know could have gotten a bad one.
  3. I have an LTZ Quad sport 400 that the battery won't stay charge while riding trickel charge all night ride for a few hours then dead have to jump with truck and charge for a few then can ride a little while longer yill fan kicks on then shuts off again checked volatge out seems to be at idel 11.41 or so rev up about 12.13 can anyone tell me what voltage is supposed to be and this is voltage from mag or gen not from regulator side

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