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  1. tell does the 88 warrior have a rev limiter and where oes it cut offf at
  2. yeah is a 88 everything i have seen was for a later model. if i am not mistaken yamaha changed the wiring on later models. making a peice for a 91 unable to work on my atv. i could be wrong if so just tell me
  3. is there any ignition mods or products thaT WILL HELP PROFORMANCE, sorry caps ohyeh its a warrior
  4. i normally run aircraft fuel anyways. its expensive but makes an atv run like a cat with its tall on fire:yes:( no offense PETA)
  5. which piston would you go with, a wiseco 84mm 10:1 compression or a je 85mm 12;1 compression. i ride on all types of terrain and my bud are all on 450r"s i know there is no comperison but i dont want to look stupid tyring to keep up. would i have to get a bigger sleeve if i went with the 85mm?
  6. took my 350 warrior to the shop to have it rejettted, after a week they called to tell me they dropped a valve. its has been a few weeks since but today i was looking at the carb and noticed the slide in the carb is stuck wide open. would this cause a broke valve, a canyon of a hole in the piston , a bent valve quater inch gashs in the cylinder head. and he told me it all happend at idle

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