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  2. tell me about the speed limiting collars where are they located and how are they removed
  3. kids getting older need a chip change to increase performance wondering if one is available yet
  4. I called a dealer and he said it was made that way for safety.
  5. Hey thanks for input Ive got a 07 500 artic cat with a foot shifter don't see one on this one except for the foward, neutral, reverse shifter. could be hung in a gear, they complain it doesn't go fast enough seams to be wound out at about 19 mph I put oil in the engine don't know about the trans no book came with it
  6. I got a 09 AC 150 for grandson at a powersport auction still in the crate. when I put it in gear it engages but takes a lot of throttle to get it moving.

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