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  1. 08 Big Bear 400 - Engine cuts out at idle and low RPM. Sounds and feels like you turn off the key and then right back on. Sometimes it will die when idling. It does this sitting still or moving so I do not suspect wiring. Runs great at higher RPM no cut out or missing. The machine starts very easily at all times hot or cold. I have checked or replaced the following; air cleaner element, spark plug, plug wires and ignition wiring, fuel filter, carb bolts and gasket. There are no unusual engine sounds. Bike has about 600 miles. I push snow with it and it is very annoying as many times I operate at a low rpm and that is when this occurs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. My rear brake linkage become embedded with mud and burned out the rear wet brakes in the differential. I have found the replacement parts but was wondering if anyone has removed the rear differential and can provide some tips. Yes I am sure the plates are shot. Thanks

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