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  2. I should maybe add that I am not running any additional electrical components such as a winch on it.
  3. Within the past 3 years the above machine has burned out 2 voltage regulator/rectifier units. Any thoughts as to why this could be happening?
  4. Thanks for the input. I will definitely check this out
  5. We have a 2000 Suzuki LTF 250 that we are having an issue with and a re looking to you members for ideas/help. This machine starts and runs great but after awhile when it gets hot (not overheated) but after 10 minutes or so it starts to bog down, loose power, miss etc. If I slow down too much it will stall and not restart until after it cools off again. This problem started happening AFTER we replaced the entire carburetor for a totally unrelated issue, so prior to that, it ran perfect. Any thoughts or ideas are welcomed. Thanks in advance. Jeff

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