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  1. Have you just purchased the bike like that or is it something that has just started to happen? Have you made any changes to the bike as far as pipe,header,air filter? Many ATV mechanics will tell you the Warrior does not need much when making changes like that ,"THEY ARE WRONG!" I was told by several that they do NOTHING but maybe change the MAIN JET, if at all that ....................... WRONG ANSWER!!! It depends on what you have done to the bike & elevation,compression etc....... I put on a FMF header,FMF Silencer, K& N air filter & I had to change my main jet,pilot jet & adjust my needle clip ....... Do not get down it takes patients & usually is something really small & simple !!!!!!
  2. love the 350 warrior !!! Try cleaning the carb. & also look for any air leaks . Air leaks meaning around the intake manifold. Have you made any changes to the pipe, air filter etc....??? it is for sure not enough fuel if it idles with the choke ! if no changes have been made start with cleaning & looking for leaks around intake as well as checking your air filter to see if it has a good seal.. if any changes have been made & you have adjusted the pilot screw then you have either a pilot jet issue or the needle clip issue ....need help feel free to email I have been through the mikuni carb many times!

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