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  1. For right now I'm just not riding there, I plan on speaking with several of the other officers that I know from up there when I see them....I don't think I should pursue speaking to his supervisor for the simple fact that I think he crazy enough to come after me. There are plenty of places for me to ride for now, and who knows he just may be retired soon. Thanks for the advice though. Happy New Year everyone, Jeff
  2. How you doin' Mark.......Welcome!!
  3. I have had the same problem with L4/L5 herniated disc. I blew out my disc back in 05 and the pain going down my leg was so extreme I had to have a laminactomy with a mircodiscactomy.....that is when they cut out part of the bone in your back and cut out the disc that is applying the pressure on the nerves leading to your leg. The first operation was a succcess and I was pain free until I fell and blew out the disc again. I've had the same operation 4 times and have had little to no problems since the last operation 2 years ago. I do have the injections from time to time and it hurts while they are doing the injection only because they are trying to get the needle in the pl,ace that is causing the most pain. It is strange because right after I get the injection I feel like a new man without any pain. As far as how long it last....I've had injections last a couple months and I've had them last a year. If the doctor is suggesting injections I would take that route and see how it goes. I unfortunatly did not have that option when I hurt myself back in 05" Good luck. I hope everything works out, Jeff
  4. I've been riding this property for 18 years and never been chased before, and as I stated have talked with the officers that patrol it including this wacko so I'll bet you dollars for dounuts when this fruit loop is retired and gone I'll be riding it again. Judging by the way he came after me he has chased others on this property, so who ruined it for who? You're not going to change my opinion and clearing you're dug in with yours so as far as I'm concerned enough said......
  5. Yeah it lasted 50 yards! Did I change my story? Why would I change my story? what for you? I don't think so! Don't flatter yourself! And what I said was I had to make a quick right than a left onto another trail....the right was to avoid getting hit, the left was get away from the lunatic bearing down on me. these are fire roads that are not well maintain and just the width of a car so there is no room to pull over . Why am having to explain myself to you......Who are you? Like I said if you don't like the thread or my post don't read them. I thought this forum read....."Anything Goes" Sounds to me you just want to bust my balls and that's fine.....if that's what floats your boat....have at it!
  6. Actually There was no way for me to get out of his way and had no way of just pulling over to talk to him, this all happened in an area of less than 50 yards. You were not there so you are assuming this was a couple of mile pursuit.....you don't know me and have no idea what kind of person I am. I have friends that are police officers, and as I said in my post I called one of my friends who is a state trooper and he was the one who informed me of this police officers reasons for being tossed off his last job for excessive force. So would you feel better if you read that a Husband and a father of two was run over by a freak of a cop. Judging by what you have already written my guess is you would like to read that because "I give a bad rap to the ATV comminty" Do me a favor block me, don't read my post, do what ever you have to. You're a moderator.....kick me off the site than, But don't preach to me
  7. I have about 500 acres behind my house that is state land and have been riding on the property for the last 18 years. I know pretty much all the cops that patrol it and have always pulled over to talk with them. They have always been really nice guys. Well about 3 months ago while riding one the fire roads there was this new cop pulled over in a Jeep and I pulled up to him to talk and he jumped out with his hand on his gun and told me to get off my quad. After I got my helmet off and he saw I was in my 40's he just told me not to ride by the state run hospital and to be on my way. Well yesterday I went for a quick ride and as I broke into this one field (nowhere near the hospital) I looked off to my left and saw this Police Jeep coming right at me at a high rate of speed, for a second I was going to just pull over to talk and I saw it was this same cop and there was no way he was going to be able to stop without hitting me so I hit the throttle and made this quick right and than a quick left onto another trail off this field. Well when I turned back to look he was bearing down on me trying to run me down. I than just hit the throttle hard blasted into a small swamp area and flew through the trails. I looked back and he never made it through the swamp. I made it back home but I had to take a bunch of different trails to get there and I was on High Alert waiting for this nut case cop to come flying out and mow me down. I called a cop friend of mine when I got home and he told me that this cop was kicked out of another police dept. because he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic and he is just finishing his time at the state run hopital until he retires. I just hope he retires soon
  8. That explains it.....the quad was running a bit hot when it died. Sounds like very good preventative maintenance changing out the plug a few times a year
  9. It was very dark in color (on the brown side). I had bad plugs on a Evinrude 9.9 hp 4 stroke outboard that looked exactly like this plug and it acted the same way my Grizzly did. I know when I bought the quad they told me not to let it sit and idle and not to run it at low rpm's for long periods. Well in the last couple of weeks I was doing all those things. It has always run extremely well when I was trail riding and even some snow plowing last year but in recent weeks I was grading dirt with my plow and it really working hard. I'm going to see how she is over the next couple of weeks just doing some trail riding with my buds. Thanks for the replies
  10. Update; Did oil change/filter change (Amsoil synthetic 10/40) replaced spark plug and she is off and running better than ever. I guess the problem was the spark plug.....I'm surprised that it went bad with only 49.5 hr.s on it.
  11. I just ordered the manual and we'll see what's going on.....Thanks I'll post an update when it's all figured out
  12. So what was the outcome not sure?? I'm curious because my 09' Grizzly 700 EFI did the same thing and is having the same symptoms

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