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  2. there is no diff lock switch on this machine, and it still has this problem had it at the shop and had no luck finding any problems, so im stumped where this switch is or what ever controls it but id like to put it in the scrap pile.
  3. So when im ridding in high gear randomly sometimes it will go into a persay limp mode and only allows a max of 30kmph and it sounds like a rev limiter, what would cause this and how to eliminate this all togeter as in the new ones with the over ride switch. its the sound that it does in low range or reverse. i want this gone period when i get stuck in mud i cann spin tires fast enough. and while im in high gear i dont want this happening. if you need more details the easier way of getting a hold of me rather then the forum is my email [email protected] i dont have time to check back here oftern but i get my emails right away.. thanks guys
  4. Sorry i never replied for so long i did get my bike all fixed up it cost me a total of 3600.00 for parts and time and boy she was worth every penny thanks for all your adviseguys i need snorkel help now but ill start a new theead for that
  5. so tonight i pulled the motor and going to take it into the shop to be repaired but was thinking what do think on a scale of 1 to 10 this project would be for me to tackle my self worst is pulling the clutches i would think, ive read threw the book, it doesnt seem so horrible. i think i could do it just not sure what you think? or what would the rough shop time be on replaceing the bearing on the front drive shaft and that seal on the front there any ideas? just as a rough idea?
  6. ive got the actual suzuki repair manual for it, and ive read it over a few times and seems to me ill be pulling the motor and spliting the halves in order to replace the bearing so ill keep you posted on what ive got going on. thanks for the tips guys. joe
  7. So i recentred the drive shaft and it will move under its own power again but i found out that the bearing on the front shaft is pooched so is that easily changable or is a motor pull and block split required
  8. is that a fairly pricey item to get fixed in a shop or is it do able at home.?
  9. so reporting back, engine runs like a top now, it was just a stator. put in a new one some fresh fuel and away she goes. now a new problem with it see my new post "wont move" http://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/suzuki-atv-forum/9165-wont-move.html
  10. So I was out playin in some mud yesterday. was a good ol' mud flinging time. but i have a 2000 Suzuki LT-A500F so what happend was i got stuck and i heard a grinding noise, as if the front diff hadnt engage fully. so it went away i was spining the tires to get out and immidately i noticed black on the ground..... was engine oil. shut it down ( didnt loose very much by the time i noticed) motors safe still. anyways i looked into it. the seal around the front drive shaft where it goes into the motor blew out theres my problem. i added oil to start it up and move it a couple hundered feet so i could load it up. and it made that awful grinding noise again and wouldnt move. engine runs awsome still no problems there something to do with drive train. is it cause theres not enough oil in the motor and it having a shot seal or is something horrible gone wrong with it now:aargh: . please tell me its nothing major. i pulled the clutch cover off everything is ok ther so it is something internal if it is.
  11. ive got a manual so ill do some testing and report back thks.
  12. Hey, I have just bought this quad. its in decent shape, but does not run. its turns over and is getting fuel and has to what seems to be good compression(just going by finger over the plug hole and turning over. but it wont run due to no spark. i did have it making spark but not very good. where do i start? i put on a new plug wire and new plug what next how do i tet and search things? im new at this stuff diesel engines i know like the ack of my hand but this i am a complete newb. what would be the first thing on a list to check and how tos. all help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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