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  2. if the main switch is off it wont roll over. The main switch gives power to the start button which when pressed sends power to the start relay which sends power to the starter. If the kill switch is off then the cdi is turned off. Kill switch on, main on, hit starter, motor turns, turnning stater side flywheel, this causes the exciter coil to send a 60 to a 100 volts ac to the cdi and the pulsar coil which is in there too sends a 3 to 6 volts ac to the cdi telling it to send a high voltage to the coil which steps this voltage up to 10 to 30,000 volts to the spark plug where it jumps across the electrode and ignites the gas and air mixture. Vaaarrroooom!! If all is working properly. A malfunction in any part of this system and no fire! Hope this helps
  3. I priced a pulsar coil from 29 to 125 dollars. I went with the 29 dollar one. Got it in today. It is the same size. Just checking with my pocket knife, the magnet in the old one (original) seems to be just a tad bit stronger, but not really sure. I forgot to check the ohms doggone it. But anyway I put it together held the spark plug to the block and saw a gooooood SPARK! Put the plug in, choke, and VARRRRRRROOOOOOMMMM, VARRRRROOOOMMM!!!!!! Sweet sound. Thanks for all the info and help. Roger
  4. Well it took some studing and research but I finally figured it out. The pulsar coil is open. Different wiring symbols and I think maybe mislabeling, but with patientence, that I was forced to have I traced it out. Thanks for your help with the articles and links. When I get the coil in and installed I will let you know how it came out. thanks
  5. first thing is to get an electrical wiring diagram. This will show you the layout. Then check the simple, eaiser, faster things like switches and grounds. If you have a ground, NO FIRE, if you have a bad switch,NO FIRE, then check the exciter coil, pulsar coil and finally the output of the CDI if all the above checks ok. I am assuming you have tried another spark plug with the cap on and it held against the block while spinning the engine over looking for a spark, then the CDI must be the culprit but it is the last thing I would suspect cause it is the most expensive.
  6. Just curious, how did you determine the fire at the cdi? Or did you mean you have an ac voltage at the input of the cdi? If you have high ac volts at the input to the coil (output of the cdi) and no fire, I would suspect the coil wire or the spark plug. Also check to see if you have a pulse voltage on the cdi. THis should be a small ac voltage. This voltage tells the cdi to output to the coil for a spark at the plug.
  7. Ok, thanks for the reply. I will let you know.
  8. There are four wires that go from I assum the stator to the CDI. The brown and red while spinning the engine reads 60 volts ac. on the w/r and w/g I get .1 volts ac. The brown and red read 300 ohms and the w/r and w/g read 0. I assum the brown and red are for charging the CDI and the other 2 are the pulsar coil to tell the CDI to pulse the coil to make a spark across the spark plug. With a 0 ohm reading an almost no volts on this coil I think it may be the problem. What do you think?
  9. I went to the web site copied the article and tried to send a request for Article 2 and 3 but I keep getting the error CAPTCHA code is wrong. Any ideas on this? Thanks
  10. thanks a whole lot I printed it out and will study it. I 'll let you know by post how this comes out. thanks again
  11. I bought a 1999 Yamaha timberwolf thinking it had a carb problem as the previous owner said he had been riding it and now it would not start. After getting it home I check the plug and had no spark. I got a copy of the wiring diagram but unable to trace it. I am an electrician and electronic tech, but this is a different schematic to me. Can someone walk me thru process... the run stop switch does this etc. power or ground, open or close to run or stop? any ideas of trouble shooting the electrical would be helpful too. Thanks
  12. look behind the left front wheel stamped on the horizontal part of the frame. bottom

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