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  1. i am certainly no expert but will give ya my $.02.. i recently purchased an 08 BF. i went up an 1" in tire size. the BF is now sittin on some mud terrains. As with any increase in tire size (on any vehicle), if you dont re-gear, you will lose some performance. I have found that on my new Brute, the increase really didn't show a noticeable difference. However, if you had your bike on a dyno before the new tires and then dyno'd again after, i'm sure the numbers wouldn't lie. I'd say go for it! the BF has decent power and you wont notice a big difference in performance. good luck :)

  2. i just about had an oops yesterday. i had to change my rear sprocket again and i took my wheel off . replaced the sprocket put the wheel back on. then i went for a quick ride around the block . got a mile down the road and my quad was wabbling really bad. then i realized i forgot to tighten the lugnuts on the wheel. that could have turned into something really bad.


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