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  1. i think the atv saftey classes actually reimburse you for your time. i received $100 in the mail (many years ago) just for taking the class.
  2. mounting the studded tires this weekend and hitting the deep stuff. no sled here but winter riding is the best riding imo
  3. bringing back a thread from the dead... anyone currently using a pull behind mower? i'm leaning towards Swisher... thoughts?
  4. looks like rainbow falls
  5. damn rocks! can't wait to get back to Killpecker
  6. i am certainly no expert but will give ya my $.02.. i recently purchased an 08 BF. i went up an 1" in tire size. the BF is now sittin on some mud terrains. As with any increase in tire size (on any vehicle), if you dont re-gear, you will lose some performance. I have found that on my new Brute, the increase really didn't show a noticeable difference. However, if you had your bike on a dyno before the new tires and then dyno'd again after, i'm sure the numbers wouldn't lie. I'd say go for it! the BF has decent power and you wont notice a big difference in performance. good luck
  7. :cheers2c: retirement has it's perks! no weekend riding is a dream.....great video Gunny

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