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  1. x2 on all of the above.....i think therefor i am...willypop i am i am
  2. excuse me as i wipe the drool from my face!
  3. WillyPoP


    my thoughts exactly wylde1....can't you see it now?....riders stopping on the track, mid race, and asking "excuse me, do you know where the track goes?" lmao!
  4. hindsight is always 20/20......lesson learned the hard way eh? keep ur friends close....keep ur enemies closer! hope u find that motor!
  5. couldn't have asked for a better day!! not to many folks out but, a few, so i pretty much had the place to myself. ran into a couple in a side x side way up high and far out in the hills. they looked at me like i had lost my mind.....maybe i have! enjoy! more: Texas Creek March 16-2012 pictures by WillyPoPP - Photobucket - short video back up in the hills
  6. hey gunny, what camera are you running? and what app are you doing your editing with?
  7. got an intake laying around collecting dust. Fits an '08 KFX450r. fuel atv website: KFX Intake System - FuelATV they no longer list this intake (i think). It's an open box style, with filter, outerwear and everything else you see in the pic. hit me up via a pm if ur interested and we'll talk. cheers!
  8. there are more riding area's in colorado than u can shake a stick at!!! after riding here for the last 12 years, i still haven't hit all the "secret spots"
  9. a few more here...Rainbow Falls March 26_2012 pictures by WillyPoPP - Photobucket

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