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  1. never thought about freezin them! sweet!
  2. x2 on all above....if u go full, u will need a programmer due to the efi on ur bike. full=more hp .............slip on= less hp but more for sounds and looks
  3. big fan of the Shreveport area! cheers to ya and congrats! Orange, TX in the house!!
  4. no worries....glad to help
  5. they help...but if u just make sure to re-oil them and they are lubed up, you should be fine. just make sure you tighten the stem to the bearing plate well or u will feel a small unusual "tink" feeling when u move the bars back and forth
  6. i didn't have too....i re-used my oem bearing plate though
  7. what a day....i'm a little sore, but not too bad! 717 at Painted rock !!
  8. this time on sunday, i'll be back in the mountains!!!!!!
  9. nice looking site... we have one here in co (for those of us who actually ride) u guys are more than welcome to peruse....but, i should say, spammers beware! it is still a work in progress. (we spend more time riding than on a computer) if you will, please hit me up on coriders, with a pm when u sign in so i do not delete ur account. thanx! - Index

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