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  2. Do you hear any sounds coming from the front end?
  3. It is on the frame crossmember in the front behind the bumper. If you have a winch installed the mounting plate will be covering it up.
  4. 7000 Miles and 60PSI, I don't think your missing anything but a heated garage.
  5. Better to try and start it with a dead battery rather than no battery.
  6. Check for rust inside the tank. pull the pilot (slow speed) jet from the carb and run some fine wire through the hile until you can see light through it. DO NOT atempt to drill out the hole. Just clean the jet really good..
  7. Are you saying it has spark, but will not Fire? The first thing on any older Suzuki Quad I check is to make sure the crankcase is not filled up with gasoline. If it is check the Rubber Diaphram in the petcock. It is common for these to fail and keep feeding the carb gas until the tank is empty.
  8. I am looking for the Big Bear 350 manual. The one I am working on is a 1998, but I think your 87-97 might work for wiring diagrams
  9. Looking for the Honda Recon 2005-11, unless you know the how many turns out the fuel air mixture screw should be on a 2008... ~Thanks
  10. The lights are still on! I have more work than I can handle by my self. Between walk in traffic, eBay and my website, I am selling a good bit of stuff. Lots of air filters, carb kits, piston kits and shift levers. What ever I seem to hang on the wall sells.
  11. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I have been involved in the powersports industry for over 25 years Started working at a Honda Suzuki Yamaha shop back in 1983. Most recently I was the Parts Manager at Shreveport Harley-Davidson. They closed down in Feburary 2010 and I was laid off. After I was laid off, people in my neighborhood started to bring me their ATV's and Motorcycles for repairs. After about 2 years of this, my landlord told me I could no longer work on projects from my house. I decided to open up my own store / shop. I ended up leasing a 3600 square foot builing in South Shreveport and called it "Torque Center Powersports". I am very knowledgeable in the area of Motorcycle and Atv Parts and Service. I am always willing to share the knowledge I have gained over the years with anyone that is willing to learn. Thanks, Todd Uebe
  12. Greetings, I am looking for the following 2 manuals, 2000-2005 Yamaha BigBear 400 1998 Yamaha 600 Grizzly Thanks, Todd

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