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  2. have a 2000 quadmaster 500, my problem is the rectifier burned out, I replaced it now when you turn the key the neutral indicator and reverse indicator lights wont come on and wont start with the push button, I can turn key on and pull start it, and runs great, and will also light the indicator lights up but will be really dim, also the headlights will be dim to, also bought a new battery and still does it, i checked the fuses under the seat and all are good, any ideas on problem? Thanks
  3. not yet going to take it back in today, it doesnt do it for the mechanic but as soon as i pick it up and get it home it does it, go figure
  4. ok took it to a suzuki mechanic and he said theres no sensors on the quad master and the book doesnt show one eather, they ran it and never got it to do it, and ran some cleaner threw carb and then seemed to run better but got it home and it started it again, but now it does it in reverse to, when it does it if you turn the engine off and start it again it stops but then soon after will start it again,
  5. Im not sure ill find out, where is this sensor located? also told it migh be a foward regulator, which is the reason it doesnt do it in reverse, is this the same thing you are talkin about?
  6. I have a friend that thas a suzuki 500 quad master, the problem im having is I went hunting one morning and after a mile and half ride it ran fine, when i got back on it it ran about a 1/4mile and started spittin and sputtering it runs fine at an idle and in nuteral but as soon as I put it in gear and try to go it starts it again, I tried it in reverse and runs fine, ended up driving in reverse all the way back to the truck, after I got back unloaded it and wasnt doing it, ive used it 3 times to blade snow and do a few other things and had no problems with it, used it yeasterday and it somewhat started doing it again, any help would be greatly apprecated

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