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  2. Nothing exact, lots of carbs, but nothing specific for king quad 300.
  3. I am looking for carb for 1996 suzuki king quad 300 4X4, if anyone has a wreaked or old bike, please respond to this thread or knows where I could find one, it is a mikuni carb email me [email protected]
  4. I blew air and scrapped every hole in the carb a couple of times, then put a carb kit in, still didnt change much, I tried different settings on the screw(which is outside the float bowl, under the carb at front) from all the in, to out and everywhere inbetween. If I put my hand in front of the carb slightly it will run much better. How do I adjust the valves on this engine, does the top of the head have to come off?
  5. I have a 1996 king quad with simliar issues and carb is very similiar, mine will not idle and backfires a bit, have done carb rebuild, clean out pump and installed fuel filter, new gas, checked all ports with comp air, new plug, oil change. found petcock leaking into vacuum line, plugged off port, runs a bit better but idle is still an issue, tried setting the idle screw, but either is too low and stalls or too high and keeps engine rev, is there another adjustment that may be finer to tune it? thanks I put my thread post of the whole job.
  6. Hello, I have a 1996 King quad 300 4x4, it would not start at first, charge battery, installed new plug, and changed oil, removed carb checdked and cleaned, foudn no debris, reinstalled, started, but very rough idle, off idle its okay. Will not idle, idles for a bit then dies, will also backfire. Purchased a carb rebuild kit, installed and still doing the same thing. Found on other threads, the petcock leaks into the vaccum hose, checked with a vacuum pump, petcock leaks, removed from carb and plugged port, still runs poorly, and idle issues still there. removed fuel pump found debris inside, cleaned and out on a fuel filter. Anyone have any other ideas to try on this thing? Also it fouls the plugs, I think i got the rich running fixed with the vaccum leak. Thanks for any help or ideas.

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