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  2. I loosened the header, and repositioned the pipe using a small pry bar, while i snugged it back up. Pretty simple actually
  3. Thanks Mike!!! your suggestion worked like a charm. Went riding saturday, and she halls azz:aargh:
  4. cool beans man. Im hoping for Friday evening. If not then Saturday afternoon
  5. im gonna attempt a few things Friday afternoon. Ill post the outcome =)
  6. Thx quadnut, any advice will be appreciated
  7. Hey Mike, ya im gonna have to pick up some heat tape today and also unbolt the whole left side to see if i cant get some adjustment. thanks bud!
  8. Hey Fellers & Ladies, To day i installed my kik azz Barkers duals for my rappy 700. Everything went fine, except for one thing. On the left side, right where the header and muffller pipe connect, the pipe touches a group of wires I tried a piece of asbestos like/rubber gasket material for a heat shield. But it still didnt do the trick. Has anyone had this problem?? Any suggestions to fix this problem?? * in the pics, i still have the gasket installed
  9. Hey all :partyc: Id like to say a big hello from Saginaw, MI HELLO

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