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  2. does it have good compresion? how is the air flow?
  3. I just got the bike so im not for sure. when i got it the clutch handle was broken. So i just took for granted. The was that bike was niglected so i've been going through it piece by piece finally got it runing right and now this.it shifts fine and when i'ts not runing it goes through the gears fine. i'ts like something is sticking within the clutch pack wierd never experienced this before with any bike.it either enguages fully or slips. it try's to fall on its face when you put it in gear but understandible due to the fact it lunges forward but pops right in gear and i thought maybe fork was
  4. i have a 06 trx450er and clutch wont fully disengage it goes through the gears fine but when you put it in 1st gear it starts to go it slips but moves with clutch fully realeased it wont go into nuteral when idleing either i thought to adjust clutch but still did it even up to the point of adjusting it so far that it sliped going through gears please help idk what it could be.

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