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  2. Got it. I took the filter off and let it set over night. While I was at it I tore the carb apart and cleaned it. Put it back together, kicked it once and it started. I love it when things work like they are supposed to. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Marc
  3. Ok, I got the brakes fixed. They work great. The next problem is I let my friend mess with while I was at school. He did some cleaning and light service work like greased the front end and cleaned the K & N. Thats is were my problem is now. He cleaned the filter then apparently rode it before the filter was dry, and now it wont start. Is it just a simple carb clean to get it going again, or is it worse than that? He said he just rode it up and down the street like twice then parked it. Let me know guys. Thanks.
  4. How do you adjust them? This is only my second time doing atv breaks. The other time was on my honda, and they were straight forward.
  5. I just acquired a 99 blaster. I put new break pads on the back, after I put the pads on the breaks are locked up pretty good. Any thoughts on the cause. I am a little frustrated. Marc
  6. I am from Wichita. Always looking for more places to ride around here. This city and county, and it seems like state, is not very 4 wheeler friendly.
  7. I am a huge fan of Opeth, Pantera, Hell Yeah, Death, and other heavy bands like that. But I do love 60s and 70s rock. Also love classical.
  8. Also, pull the starter out and try to clean it out, and maybe change the brushes inside. The same thing, with the starter happened with me too. Might help, might not, but its a cheap fix if it works.
  9. I couldnt get it to work either. I am in Wichita KS
  10. Compression is great,l airflow seems good too. It has a keihin pe20 carb on it, way different than my Honda, and it starts intermittently. It seems that when you adjust the idle all the way in it will start, and it runs great. Then when you shut it off and it cools down you are back at square one trying to get it started again. I am kinda lost as to what to do next to make it easy like my Honda. Guess I should stick with Honda.
  11. The things I have done- Cleaned the carb. checked fuel pump- it pumps good. Checked spark- looks real strong. Not sure whats next to try.
  12. I had the same problem with my 300EX. I bought a brand new solenoid and that did nothing. After that I pulled the starter off and cleaned it out (I had a bad O-ring on the starter, so water had got in). Has worked perfectly ever since.
  13. Hello all. I got a 97 Honda 300ex and an 84 Kawasaki Prairie 250. Great forum.
  14. I am working on this bike for my friend, (dont really know anything about it). It has an electric fuel pump that is working great, and the spark is good. I got it started two days ago, now it wont even act like it wants to . I have pulled the carb and cleaned it... twice, just to make sure I didnt miss anything. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks. Marc

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