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  2. thanks I will get ahold of him
  3. 08 arctic cat 700 efi. Does anyone know which VDI map to use with mr109 injector and the DIY muffler mod. Not sure if modded muffler flow as good as HMF. Thanks
  4. Looking for a good used or rebuilt 650 H1 my 07 siezed at crank. Any direction would be great!
  5. thanks that was quick and thats the one I need Thanks alot Bob
  6. could you share a maual for a 2004 arctic cat dvx Thanks Bob
  7. yeap slide mod. and it does it after its warmed up. It is anoying when riding, you let off and t keeps going.When I get time I will check for leaks and go through carb again. I will read over " jetting 101"
  8. Thanks for your intrest. I did the muffler mod I read in some of the forums. I have 2" snorkels dynatek cdi dynojet jet kit with 42 pilot and 145 main. I put the 42 pilot in when I did the muff mod. Some jetting articles I read said the pilot jet is too small. Have'nt time to mess with it so I was hoping someone had similar problem
  9. 2007 650 H1 with dynojet jet kit. I changed pilot jet to a 42. Now when I let off the throttle it does not return to idle. It takes a noticable amount of time.
  10. What is the benifit of leaving that bearing out? I read that alot of riders take it out.
  11. Did I mention that I also replaced the timing chain when I put the new rings in? That means I had to remove the wet clutch and one-way bearing. Green dot out Bobski. I had the one way bearing backwards. Hope I didn't riun the bearing, might order new one just to be safe. Hope my mistake helps others. Thanks for your insight.
  12. Thanks for the help and insight. Plan to take back apart and clean and re torque both nuts. I'll post my results. Thanks again!
  13. Sort of like a bell. When I slow to a stop it will actually stall the engine.
  14. Had clutches apart when reringed engine. Now when I come t a stop there is a clanging noise coming from housing It also seems like something doesn't disengage when I come to a stop. It doesn't do it as much if I bring the rpm up a tad when I stop. I read from an old post to clean everything with brake clean. I'm going to try that first, but if anyone has any other Ideas like to hear them. Thanks Bob.
  15. Dash pod went out I get partial numbers. Disconected bat. same.

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