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  2. well this not totally bad, are you selling this one? i was looking for the toyota parts and this one is fit with mine.
  3. Yah! nice truck! any performance parts for truck upgrade or mods? Well, I just miss my previous truck, similar to this one.
  4. Me too, i like more on the left side... I just remember my old truck it really looks like this just a few difference in its chevrolet truck accessories. Mine was lifted a bit and also I added a tonneau cover on it.
  5. Older versions of the GMC Sierra pickup have been praised for their strong work ethic, but some criticized it for their bland, cheap cabins.
  6. Nice ride! I really love this vehicle, one of my favorite Toyota model. I just love its plain interior treatment, and its standard with 16-inch steel mitsubishi truck wheels. A surprisingly fun to drive
  7. nice truck bro! but its too low for me but look great on it. by the way, any plans for it this year? like a new gmc truck weatherstripping perhaps.
  8. Nice truck bro! Any new project for it this year? Like having a new dodge truck hood guards/bug deflectors. For sure it will look more great on it!
  9. Nice truck! but for me I think a bigger truck towing than this is much more fun... more quads to pull
  10. Gosh! what happened to this truck? this would be to hard to clean. I think you need a new truck replacement bro
  11. What kind of b&w laser printer is best for home use? Would love to find a laser printer that works with refilled cartridges (trying to be green) or at least has cartridges with such high yield that you don't mind paying for them every once in a while. It's a small office, we probably print less than 50 sheets a day and do not require color printing.
  12. Nice truck you got there bro! Any ford truck parts upgrade or mods for this year? What have you got there?
  13. I know a friend whose truck was also burned like this. It was due to a gas leakage and it spreads through out his Nissan truck parts which caused the fire.
  14. Beautiful truck! very clean and shiny I'm pretty sure this truck is very well taken care of.
  15. Ford trucks are simply the best to have. My truck is just the same as this one

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