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  1. yeah we changed the air filter and the oil filter. i hadnt thounght of a compression test ill check that this weekend. can you get a manual at oriely's or other part store?
  2. My friend has a '04 400 eiger 4x4. he took it through the mud and it died. ever since it doesnt run very good and it smokes really bad. we drained all the fluids and filled them again. we did that a couple times cause it was still smokin. my thoughts are the piston wall is gouged out but i dont know. any ideas? also where can i find a good diagram of the motor in case we have to tear it down?
  3. did you notice any big difference? had any problems with it?
  4. im not sure i want to take the chance. i think i can get enough aftermarket parts to put on it to do what i wan
  5. thats what im guessing he was talking about. would it be ok to do this on a 400ex
  6. i was talkin to a guy that told me on my 400ex that i should have the flywheel cut. has any one ever done this? ive never heard of doin this. he said that he could do it or he knew a guy that would do it. does any one have any opinions on this?
  7. is there one that would show me the displacement, cam size and sprocket size? sorry bout all the questions kinda new to building one. done alot of small engine work but never on a 4wheeler mostly mowers lol
  8. any body know any good web sites to find the factory specs
  9. well i can tell ya right now dont have that many extra bills to fork over the 175 for the 450r shocks sounds better to me
  10. thats what i keep hearing dont they just bolt in place of the stock shocks
  11. thanks thats the most stuff ive found for it guess i didnt know where to look after this gonna have to do somethin with the d**n suspension
  12. the only sprockets i can find are factory size
  13. is there any way of gaining both if not probably go with top end. and is the 450r carb better than going with the jet kit
  14. where do you suggest getting parts from

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