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Cut the flywheel??????

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i was talkin to a guy that told me on my 400ex that i should have the flywheel cut. has any one ever done this? ive never heard of doin this. he said that he could do it or he knew a guy that would do it. does any one have any opinions on this?

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are you talking about machining them down to reduce weight?? a lot of 2-stroke guys do this... just reduces the rotating mass a little...

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from what i have read it really doesnt add hp it just makes it rev quicker... i also read somewhere that it can cause idle problems on some 4 strokes... i would do some searching before you do it...

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did you notice any big difference? had any problems with it?

quicker revving,faster acceleration. not by much, but it's something better than stock. it would cost you like 85 bucks to have it done.

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Every 2 Smoke Ive owned in my adult life I have Cut the Fly......Extremely noticeable in a Two Stroke....My Buddy a few yrs back did it to his 350X(4 stroke) Had a Tough time at Idle....But we worked the bugs out and it does rev a bit quicker....IMO, Not as noticeable as a 2 smoke....

I would say Dont do it Until you have nothing left to do....:wink:

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