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  2. Hey everybody looking to upgrade my 400EX I just got. It is stock so Im looking to upgrade for better power and durability. Never had a quad or a 4 stroke so it is a learning experience for me. I am mechanically enclined so I can do it just looking for pointers, dont want to throw my money in the trash trying to figure out he best combo. Also want to get some rims and tires like the black rims but want to know a good set of tires. I ride the desert mostly so, also want to get some sick graphics. Ive seen some on the internet just wondering what everybody else has gone through. Any info would be appreciated thanks guys.
  3. Hey everybody posted in the new member forum. Just got my first quad its a 400EX and the little ladies quad is a 250 EX. I had her ride my 400 when I got it but she says it is a little too much. Anyways looking to do some sick mods to the 400 pipe, graphics,rims, tires stuff like that Ill keep posting pics as I go. Just wanted to post a pic of the hers and his quads. 2002 400EX & 2003 250EX.
  4. Thanks everybody been cruzing the boards reading. I decided it was time to get the old ladies quad out and clean it up. I need a seat cover and a battery. I jumped it and rode it around with the kids today so it runs fine old reliable. I really like the 250 EX perfect starter quad, fun to do wheelies on too. Any ways just wanted to post a pic of the quads, taking the kids out later on a dusk ride right before dark, want to use the head lights LOL. Ive always liked riding quads now I am gonna make it my sport.
  5. Hey everybody name is Joe and Im out here in the hi-desert of SoCal. Still alot of good riding out here locally. Bought my old lady a quad a few years back and I always rode dirt bikes. Had a 2004 CR250R. On thanksgiving I was doing a big stand up wheelie down the road about 70mph and looped it:aargh:. I broke my feemer in 4 spots and compound fractured my l2 & l3 in my lower lumbar. I traded the bike for a quad a 2002 400EX, its like brand new, and even though it hurts to ride still Im on the thing every other day cruising some little trails down the street from the house, PHYSICAL THERAPY:biggrin:. Ive been riding since I was 9 so I love to ride and now Im looking forward to making this quad the sickest on the block. Looking forward to BSn and getting to know the QUADCRAZY familia whats up from SOCAL and IM gone now.

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